new beer breakdown



ok. holy shit. i mean HOLY FUCKING SHIT! have you ever eVeR EVER even seen a god damn hop before? you haven't. not until you've seen our hops. and we dumped 837 pounds-per-milliliter of them into our brand new session ipa! it's called *LITTLE CRUSH* and holy fuck it's the best beer of all time and iiiiiiiittttttt'sss baaaAaAaAAAaaaaAaAAAAAccccckkkkk. and whoops. wait. oh no! i think... it's ... can you even beli... jeff! jeff did it alr... are you sh.... HOLY FUCK THANK GOD we have just 1 (one) (ONE) (YOU WON) 4-pack left and every single beer fan in existence is outside our door waiting to spend $18 on a this little 4-pk cuz we're mktg geniuses cuz we used to be in mktg and ALL OUR PRODUCTS are GREAT.

(click) (hiss)

back to middle brow. cuz uh...... we try not to talk about our beers like they're the best beers you've never had or will ever have. we think they're better than most other beers we drink because of course they are because why the f would we brew something we thought was worse than the alternatives. but that doesn't mean you'll think that, necessarily. and we respect you too much to pretend like we can manipulate your tastes by telling you how amazing our beers taste to us. ... even though we likely can. it's just... like our manager said today. and like we explore below. ethics are a persistent thang. (stop barking steve!)

which brings me to little crush. last year we made this beer. for the first time. and the very first batch. ... well. ... we sent a can to kate bernot. one of the best (and very few) beer writers in the country. based in montana. (at the time she may have been based in arizona? does it matter? should i edit this part out?) and anyway. she liked it so much that she called it one of the best beers of the summer.

which was funny to us. not because we didn't like it. WE LOVED IT! as far as we were concerned, it was THE BEST IPA IN THE ENTIRE CITY OF CHICAGO. or maybe even THE ENTIRE FUCKING SPACE AND TIME. instead, it was funny because we went the first 6 years without brewing a "real" ipa. that is, one without any belgian yeast at all in it. or without a blending component. or whatevs. this was our first shot, though. our first attempt at a style we almost never brewed. and our first attempt at a style whose beers, we thought, almost always missed the mark. beers that were abrasive hop water. or sugary fake-beer. or whatever.

so we were proud of our first shot-from-the-paint. it was going over well! and we didn't really want to be one of those breweries that altered a single hop addition and called it a *nEw BeEr*. or tweaked a grain bill on the margins and called it a *special releeeeese*. so.... we weren't one of them. we've since made many batches of crush. all derivatives of the very first *LITTLE CRUSH*. first, there was *AZACCA CRUSH*. then *NELSON CRUSH*. then *SABRO CRUSH*. and now we're back to the first little boy. *LITTLE CRUSH*

so should i talk about the beer, already? ok. yeah fine. well: it's a little india pale ale. but not abrasive like many other session ipas on the market. it's got a little grapefruit (chinook). a little peach (yeast). it's a little crusher. a little bitter. a little tropix (el dorado). a little round. a little mouthy. a little oaty. a little wtf-y. good w a little salad.

we're all hearts-in-eyes over here. about it. even though we can hardly stop selling our recent wild beer, *IF IT'S CROWDED*. and *CAN*, our kolsch-ish. those beers might have our minds. and our bellies. but *LITTLE CRUSH* has our hearts. and our diaries. dear all day. and all night long. all night.

come drink the only hoppy beer you'll ever actually like. at middle brow. right now.

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