new beer breakdown


smell a miller lite. please. i even invite you to bring one here. to bungalow. tonight. i'll let you drink it. as long as you drink it next to our brand new foeder fermented beer. *IT'S CROWDED*. ... it's platonically you've-never-had-a-beer-like-it. it's free-rise fermented. it's fruity. it's fast and dry. it's woody. it's grassy. it's all bale and hay most the day. it's ripe apricot. it's silky, what with all the 100% lebanon-indiana sugar creek malt. it's breakfast. it's lunch. it's dinner. it's a diner. it's fine dining. it's a chop shop. it's a church. it's your perfect ma. it's a 30-something parent who knows only how to spoil, and not discipline, their child. it's marigold. it's candied pecans. it's wood. it's brick. it's iron. ... it's a pizza beer. it's a single beer. it's a simple beer. nostalgic. it's how beer likely once tasted. it's accidental. but it's no accident. it took years of practice. and we love it.

we love our newest beer. we true love it. truly. really.

that's all.



did you discover honey? or has it always just been there?

i discovered it. sometime in late college. i was working at some listening to npr. they were rapping about tomatoes and avocados. on toast. long before anyone outside nolita even knew what cafe gitane was. but in that same segment, i also heard about putting honey on peanut butter. i know... way late to the game. but i started putting honey on everything. buying different kinds. clover. fucking dark shit. serious. i had cabinets full of crystals.

now, i bring this up cuz every time i nose *CAN*, our new kolsch-ish, i remember when i put honey on a honey dew melon. way too much. the dark stuff. winter honey on a summer fruit. and it was dripping. almost crystallized.

this simple short sharp german beer has a whipped honey nose. an uber-clear visage. and a crisp, crush-face finish. you couldn't pick a better beer over which to obsess in these waning summer months. get here for your first. and then everyday again until your last. sometime in september.

fresh beer fridays. at bungalow by middle brow.