middle brow missions

humboldt park cleanup!

illinois craft beer week tends to make most of our brewery friends groan: it's just a week of working a long brewing day, and then working events all night. most of which are poorly attended. cuz there's a million events. ... well, every year we try to fight that. and we fail. cuz we end up hosting a bunch of events ourselves. and creating other events at bars. and etc. etc. etc. 

but..... we *DO* succeed in fighting it in one small sense. every year. on the day after craft beer week ends. we organize an event whose entire focus is our city. our community. this year: we're hosting a humboldt park cleanup. we've noticed piles and piles of litter. collecting everywhere in our neighborhood. and litter contributes to lack of care in other ways. so we want to remove it. and we've got the power to do so! cuz we can pick up anything off the street! at any old time! sometimes that's where we get our mushrooms and greens from! bon appetit!

anyhow. come to bungalow tomorrow. anytime twixt 10a and 3p. and grab a big old garbage bag. and we'll give you a city block. and send you off. and then go be free! and pick up all the garbage you can! and come back with your bag of good garbage. and we'll buy it from you for a beer token. which you can set down on our bar any time you're thirsty.