green city market

a city in green!

i know. it's been raining non-stop. and 40s cold. and it has us sorta sad too. these 60s and sunny teases have taken their toll, another year. but we truck on! we love the rain for it's life-giving side. we fight through it! we go drink and eat and socialize no matter! we wake up early on the first may saturday of the year and go to green city market to soak and smell up the locally-grown fruit and herbs and flowers and toast. 

wait... toast?!?!?!?!?!?! did you just open up your fingers and type out toast?! since when can you get big, beautiful hunks of toast at green city market?! slathered in buttermilk or cherry preserves or goat cheese and spreadable meat?!

since tomorrow, actually. as bungalow by middle brow will have a booth every saturday at green city market. from now until at least the end of the season. selling toast. and loaves of our freshly-baked sourdough bread. and giving away smiles and warmth for free. especially in the early morning. our favorite time to be alive. foggy. forgetful. a little odd-of-smell. bed-head. goo-eyed. hyperactive.

come look ugly with us! every saturday morning from now til november! in the park by the lake. named for abe. 

urbs in horto.

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