staccato is probably an italian word. right? anyway, it's a musical phenomenon where each note is super sharply defined. but together, these apparently independent notes are super dependent upon one another. if you just played one sharply defined note, it'd be super intense but wanting for meaning. two intense notes played consecutively gets you a bit closer to having a thing. but a whole cluster of staccato and you have a pretty intense whole. beautiful, but intense. 

that's this song. it's also bungalow. when we're pumping out beers on the fly. and we're blindly stretching dough. and running drinks and bread plates and dodging the unawares. the blissfuls. we're seemingly independent parts. working very  much together. ensemble. to create something. 

and that's why we play it nearly every busy night. and it's why we do our best to quash any sense of entitlement by both our service team and our customers. we're all on the same level here in this building. in the radical middle class.

listen in to our work soundtrack at this link here: