wild wines and pizza pies

hey big beer bro! ever drink wan?! or is it too high brow for ya? or too feminine? (wine = feminine????? wtf?? tell that to lou ferrigno.) 

ok fine. i'll meet you where you are. if wan is too stiff for you. then you should try natch wan. (translation table: wan = wine; natch = natural.) natch wan is wild. it's like wild beer, sorta. it's sometimes got brett on it. it's got a little more earth to it. soil. strawberry mambas. acidity. beets. rocks. smooth grape. 

it's often associated with the word glou. or glug. or soif. it's just about crushing. about drinking wine to enjoy it. like when craft beer bros got really into pilsners a couple years ago. like the way all of craft beer is going lower abv. 

it's also got a way-craft-beer thing going on. where weirdo flavors are appealing. where super identifiable aromas are valuable. it ain't like classic, traditional wines. all subtle and hard to talk about and shit. it's dumb and easy like beer. 

so what's that all mean? we beer bros should all be drinking the shit out of it!!!! 

and here: you can do, too! by attending third coast soif this sunday. ONE DAY AFTER FREE BREAKFAST. or, if you ain't got tickets yet and it's sold out, by attending one off the *off soif* events. including our very own off/post-soif pizza party! (see graphic above.)

we'll be attending soif as a collaborator. pouring some of our beers. and also a beer-wine blend that we're making later today with evan lewandowksi of ruth lewandowksi wines out of utah/mendocino. a super cool yes-dude. ready to bear down and experiment with unlikely shit for the sake of experimentation. so, if you got tix, come see us. give your palate a break with our lager. and then hip it up with our blend. 

BUT THEN........ then. whether you got soif tix or not tix. you gotta come to our *OFF/POST-SOIF PIZZA PARTY* sunday night. cuz what's better for a wine belly than a bunch of subtly acidic, earthy pizza dough? and umami mushroom cream sauce? eh? nothing.

and anyway. we'll have wild wines by martha stoumen. smockshop band. lammidia. absentee. ruth lewandowski. and the *MIDDLE BROW RUTH LEWANDOWSKI BEER-WINE BLEND*. 

we'll be pouring tasting-size pours. and full glass pours. 'til it all wears. so come early. and order often.