to be lost.

there's something a bit odd about so many restaurants in the world. in the city, even. in your suburb, even. the lack of good beer. or, rather, the ascendance of good-but-stale beer brands. i won't name them in particular. but they're brands that are perfectly solid. just, they've been around for 15 years or more. and we've all drank a million of them.

which is odd. polly and i went to a restaurant the other night to watch our own brewpub on the security cameras. it was quite fun. like watching *slow tv*. that weird nordic thing. ... "wait, why is marjie talking to that guy for so long? is there a problem? did we get his order wrong? oh no! wait! i know that guy! he's probably saying "is pete here?" and she's probably explaining that we left a bit early to take the night off. ok. phew. ... now why are gretchen and marjie looking through the garbage? i bet she lost the merchant copy of a receipt."

and the restaurant is killer! we love it! every stinkin' hipster in the logan square loves it. srsly. some of our staff used to work there, even. and they have moderately expensive food sourced from all sorts of midwestern farms. and some beautiful wines. hip and new and exciting and natural. but then you get to their beer list, and it's stale as fuck!!! it's just so out of place on the menu. ... i love reissdorf kolsch as much as the next kolsch-lover. it's a classic. but to stock only classics and long-time chicago-ish brands. when there are so many new and exciting craft brands in this city. and in the midwest more broadly (check out rolling meadows farm when you get a chance. and transient artisan ales; our boy chris in bridgman michigan. and scratch! and whiner!). that's daft! there's so much missing from these beer menus!

i guess it comes down to this: natural wine drinkers and cocktail drinkers and fancy food eaters. and weirdo tea snobs: demand more interesting beer! challenge your palate with beer the same way you do everything else.