new beer notice


last year, we decided to launch new "line", so to speak. "launching" anything seems a bit suspect. like, if you're launching it, it's already not a thing. if you "launch" it, it's only as permanent as it will be popular. and if you describe it as a new "line" or "product" you're already super f'in alienated from it. but then there we were. nearly 5 years into brewing beer in chicago. never having made an ipa. never having made a lager or a pale ale or an american stout or english mild. but we loved those beer styles!!! most of what we drank, after starting with a delicate belgian beer, were american and german-derivative styles. and we loved a really simple, beautifully brewed ipa. no matter how much shit we talked on 'em.

we started thinking of them as middle classics. beers we drank when our middle class started showing. when we stopped being polite. and started being real. when we were tired of thinking about what we were eating and drinking. when we were sitting around a newspaper fire in a wet summer forest with a bunch of degenerate friends. when our buddy's older brother. a union concrete grinder with a sunburn. got so drunk that it was funny to fly-swat his love handles.

pilseners. and bright american lagers. and american stouts. and session ipas. and pub beers. and american wheats. and etc. etc. etc. ... and now that we've got our own silly joint, we're doing it! (not launching it.)

so right now. i meant right right now. we've got two middle classics on tap. no wait: three! whoa! three really! ... we've got *COMFORT ALE*, our blended-yeast american wheat ale, which benefits the *comfort station of logan square*. and which we're sending out into the world. to be judged. and thought about. this week.

we've got *SABRO CRUSH*. which i've talked about at length now. and so i won't bore you with discussion of it again. but shit... it's truly something. coconut. cotton candy. A CARNIVAL IPA. but without the novelty shit that you find in so many ipas these days. it's just that sabro, bro.

but as of today. meet *SHIELDS*. our brand new nitro session stout. it's a creamer. i mean, it's poured through a creamer. it's got a wild couple fingers of foam head on it. perfectly white and tan all around. it's 3.5abv. it's roasted. it's a finishing beer. it's a waiting beer. like, "i'm waiting for my friend to get here and i'm just gonna sit here at the bar stool and pretend to read but mostly look at my reflection in the oven or maybe i'll just stare outside and think about why i called my bus driver "jam" instead of "sam" cuz i know his name is sam but i was just thinking really intensely about something else when he said "bye pete" and i could hardly get the word "bye" out of my mouth much less "sam" and he should be lucky it was "jam" and not something accidentally misogynist or that i didn't spit on him in a mad stutter". it's the perfect beer for thinking about that. while pretending to read a murakami book. so your server thinks you're interesting. 

oh! and it's one of those beers that's immune to weather. meaning, if it's sunny, it's good as a sort of call-forward to cold-brew coffee. or a sun-comes-up beer. and if it's rainy, you could pretend you're british. don't start speaking in a british accent, though. i mean, you could think in a british accent. you could lightly whisper innocent phrases to yourself in a british accent. like "oil 'ave anuthuh spah' 'uh 'tey". which might be kiwi or afrikaans or something. but it probably rains just as much in those places. so you could drink this beer while you're doing that, too. 

sun or rain! or wind or snow or sleet or anxiety! *SHIELDS* is for you! a nitro session stout, *SHIELDS* is almost human in it's friendliness! come to middle brow bungalow and drink a human!

fresh fridays! at bungalow by middle brow!