new beer notice


another new another-able beer! this time it's an accidentally hazy brut ipa. whoa whoa whoa there. what's a brut?! a wine beer? a wine-beer? a grape-y wine-beer? 

it's been awhile, so i'll take you back to square one: brut ipas evolved naturally from the overdone hazy bulky-big middling ipa. i say middling not because we at middle brow brewed them often and i fucking LOVE the word middle. and the concept of middle. we didn't really brew them that often. ... i say middling instead because i think the vast, vast majority of them were sorta middling. fun, sure. sweet and wild and new, yes. exciting in that regard. hard not to drink in that regard. but hard *to* drink, all the while. so overloaded with sweetness and bulkiness that we'd get all full of bel after half a one.

and then a sweet man in san francisco added an enzyme to an ipa he made and made a brut ipa. a super-done dry-ass beer. almost body-less. body-void. i've spoken 'bout 'em before. we've been making them lots this past year. we've gotten some major accolades from breweries around town. "some people say" is a turn fox news uses to make you think one of their opinions is widely held. but i'm gonna use it here: "some people say" we make one of the best brut ipas in the city.

and we've got our first brewpub brut ready to roll! we tapped it last night. meet rakau brut: a blended-yeast brut ipa with big league chew grape all over the fucking place. we promise that the word "brut" had no influence on our choosing a grape-y hop for this brut. first, that's way too obvious for us. just ain't our style. second, though: we've made like 7 so far! and this is the first time we've incorporated a grape dig in the thing. but whoa are we happy we did. add a little haze to the eye. and you've got yourself a downright confusing-ass beer. zactly as we like 'em.

so come on down and drink a drink of rakau brut brut ipa. it's waiting in a glass for you. a wine glass. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WORD BRUT. it's just cuz the nose is subtle. like a wine. BUT NOT CUZ IT'S A BEER THAT'S LIKE A WINE. it's more a function of the hop crop.

like a really subtle big league chew. or grape bubble yum. ooof. my jaw hurts just thinkin' 'bout 'em. 

fresh fridays! at bungalow by middle brow! (thx andrew.)