hunting for good, generally.


and then. cuz we can hardly go more than 24h without an event. we're hosting the uppers and downers d-caf party. uppers and downers, see, is a coffee-beer festival. thrown by good beer hunting. at thalia hall. year after year after year. it's a pretty special festival. which always nets a special crop of participants. who do some truly night-bird shit with coffee and beer. wait 'til you see cruz blanca's offerings this year. i ain't sure, but i think they saved coffee chaff for a year, took it out to their farm and controlled-burnt it. distilled the essence into an oil. and titrated the tiniest drop into a strong wort-stained mixed ferm sparkling tea. jk jk jk jk jk jkjkjk. that's a lie. but the point is: they did some nuts shit. so if your brain can handle coffee better than mine can, get your hyper-fast fingers onto this link here. and buy a couple tickets for you and the other person that comes out of you when drink coffee. ..... what? that doesn't happen to you? mine's all extra-hyper and mean and rasp of voice. pale-er. older. smarter ass. he's like my miser neighbor. only sorta fun to be around. but unavoidable.

but there's also a whole wagon-full of events associated with it. like the charity dinner, which benefits green city market (more on the market next week. ;) ...). we're teaming up with mindy segal for that dinner. 'bout to hop on the phone with her, actually. 

and then the super important and fun decaf event! it's where all these breweries that've been all hyped on coffee/beer combos for the past few weeks chill out a bit. and just drink beer/beer combos. ... we've got allagash. and guinness. and hopewell. and rolling meadows farm. and last, but very much not least, our pals at cruz blanca. taking over our guests taps for the night. tap list tbd. but you shouldn't miss the party. cuz we maaayyyyyy be tapping a nitro session stout. and our first foeder beer. no rules. 

no promises. 

thurs. mar 28. open to the (brew)pubic.