friends we wish we had.

nostalgia. the good kind.

there's a brilliance in the opening chords of "lost in the supermarket" by the clash. they kind of *remind me of a time*. not in the way that all songs remind you of a time. the time that they came out, that is. but this is different. cuz this song came out when i didn't know songs. or, rather, when i didn't yet have ears. because i wasn't yet a living human. but this song was among the many hot tracks that were in regular radio rotation when i was still jumping on my parents bed. and when i was stoked on my new air force ones. and when the cute girls and their bunch of hoodlum boyfriends were actually, seriously holding a boombox up to their ears at the village swimming pool. and UB40 was playing. and it was the first time i recognized a band merely by recognizing the voice of the lead singer. "this is the guy who sings red red wine". but the song wasn't red red wine. ... and when i got out of preschool and ran out back and laid on my side and rolled down a hill. a hill whose valley was covered in dandelions. a "hill", it turns out, that's no more than a 2' drop. a "valley", it turns out, that's just the area where the grass and sidewalk meet. ... and when, on my day off of school, my mom and little sister and i road the 3-mile circle bike path the morning after a big rain storm. and i decided to ride straight through the ankle deep water that had gathered overnight in a slight land depression. and learned what it felt like to have wet shoes. ... and when my summers felt like fast times at ridgemont high. which i hadn't seen 'til i was older. but i lived in real time.

but i wasn't small back then. or, rather, i was the same size i am now back then. and i had all the same opinions back then. and i liked the same foods back then. and i knew all the same words back then. and had read the same books back then. and i hated shoes back then. and i had learned to play guitar back then. and had forgotten how to play guitar back then. and i fell in love with a few women back then. and forgotten those women back then. and married sweet, beautiful polly back then. who i had seen crossing me in the other direction on a similar bike path in holland, mi. i swear it. and i had already lived in new york and san francisco and traveled around the world and opened a brewpub back then. and i hated the clash back then. just like i hate them now. except for "lost in the supermarket". which i love. because it reminds me of a time. ... listen to this song. and then go listen to *SPIRITUALIZED* or some shit.