free breakfast

tomorrow. saturday march 23d. we're hosting our second *FREE BREAKFAST* at *BUNGALOW by MIDDLE BROW*. free breakfast is precisely what it sounds like: free. breakfast. ... it's meant for CPS students who might not get all three meals on a weekend that they get on a school day. it's also meant for their sisters and brothers and cousins and moms and dads: some of the families who've been living in our neighborhood for generations are headed by men and women who have to work 2-3 jobs to keep up with rent. that includes working on the weekends. which means it ain't easy to make at least one of the three meals they'd otherwise make for their kiddos.

and we recognize that not all of us are so lucky.

and so we make breakfast for those families. and (newly this week) their teachers. so if you know any families that fit that bill. or teachers. please send them our way tomorrow morning between 9 and 11.

and thank them for making our communities cool.