come in for comfort

and then! and then! and then! two days later. this coming tuesday. we're throwing a big party here at the brewery. at bungalow. to launch a beer we made with *comfort station* in logan square. it's called *COMFORT ALE*. and it's a blended-yeast american wheat ale. dry-hopped with loral and simcoe. for the spicy-sweet nose. and that classic americana citrus-tea palate. perfect for the upcoming winter-spring transition.

our party is stacked tho. you herd? (digression: far too many people "heard" these days who did not, actually, hear anything. herd might fit better here anyway. what with all the sheep-y shit we're asking of you.) 

fo sirst: we've got jordan martins spinning brazilian records for a spin. there's some brazilian programming coming up at *comfort station* this year, and so we're staying mega on-theme for the launch party. natch: there'll be a brazilian musical performance. and a brazilian background-screening of some sort. 

so, like, way far out art. happening here. tuesday night. 6-9p. and pizza snacks 'til they're gone. and a cash bar. ALL TO BENEFIT COMFORT STATION'S KILLER YEAR LONG PROGRAMMING. some of the proceeds from every *COMFORT ALE* glass sold go to that killer crew of lovers and creators.