so way back when. when socialists and communists were less hip. when they were maybe more common but on the down swing in popularity in american politics. as opposed to now where they're somehow on the upswing. and there's some good and bad in that. if only everyone discussing such were well caught up on their terms and their history and such. but i digress...

way back when, the haymarket affair went down. right here in chicago!!! and it's an ugly story of bombs and death and such. but it all started with a peaceful gathering in support of the labor movement's fight for an eight-hour workday. just the day before, 8 of such group were murdered by police during a strike. and anyway it was all labor! and all socialism! and all fuck the police! and all worker spies! and eugene debs! and workers of the world, unite! for a few days here in chicago. and, really, for much much longer than that.

and we're seeing a nice bit of that attitude return of late. and we here at bungalow are super proud of chicago's labor history. and the efforts of smart, hard working men and women to balance out their lot with the rich and lucky-born's lot. and we do our best to contribute. with free breakfasts. and with the slow but certain implementation of our work training program.

but in the meantime... we're honoring may day. international workers day. worldwide labor day. with a beer special for union card holders. on this coming weds. may 1. bring in your union card between 3 and 6p. for $2 beers. that's two (2) dollars!!!!! for a craft beer!!!! anything you want. teachers. nurses. stagehands. pilots. plumbers. masons. laborers. mailwomen. ... whoever. 

thanks for your proud work. please come have a way-affordable cup and rip of ours.