new beer notice

look at those towers! of bubbles!

look at those towers! of bubbles!


does this beer taste like a flute? yes. 

i really shouldn't say anything else. 

a customer recently said, "i get the feeling that you're just fucking with people". and it's true. in a sense. but then not really: how many damn times can you hear a description about a beer that starts with "light notes of". makes me wanna hurl. and by the same token, i get all embarrassment-chilled when i read "we just want to let the beer speak for itself". no you don't. i mean, sure you do. we all do. but those people just don't feel like putting their thoughts on the beer into words. so they oughtn't be condescending to everyone who does feel like doing that.

so anyway, if you lick a flute................ jk jk jk. it doesn't taste like a flute tastes. it tastes like a flute sounds. it has a special talent at slow, deep tones. but it's equally good with volume and breath and pitch and speed. it's *FLUTES*. a *sparkling brett beer*. gluten-free, too! or at least gluten-scared. in that it contains no intentional gluten. but you know us. we brewers and bakers. we're covered in gluten. as is our facility. ... but anyway. this beer has a light tart note. and a simple wild note. and a light pineapple-leaf note. magenta. pulp-flesh. and i took a wine glass of one for a walk around the block last night. and maybe it was cuz i was walking through grass. but i got a light hint of grab-a-handful-of-bright-green-grass-and-smear-it-on-your-hand-and-wait-for-your-hand-to-dry-and-then-smell-your-hand to it too.

simple when you want it to be. complex when you need it to be. and effervescent as f when you're bored of the dinner conversation and you need to wake the f up. fruity. funky. flute-y. *FLUTES*. sharp. but not like a flute in that.