middle brow missions

sheets and shapes and on and on.

melina! ausikaitis! d'you know her?! you should. she's been mobbin' round this town for years. hanging at handlebar lots. and rainbo club. and making art. and being really nice to people. and supporting other artists. and sining with joan of arc. and the depth of her deeds and duties in this city continues to surprise polly and i. as we learn more and more about her. this super cool woman. this inspiring doer. ... we first met her while polly was managing over at lula cafe. (our fav damn spot in the city.) she curates the art that hangs on the walls there. (go see it now, by the way. the wonderfully weird and cool @morsims has a bunch of work up. neons. sharpie drawings of dogs on t-shirts. etc.)

we saw some of her art on a visit to her house up north of us. earlier this year. as we were casting about for the right way to dress our walls. and when we saw her fabrics-in-dried-glue worx, we were blown away. we loved them. so we hung them from our ceilings. but we couldn't leave without asking after the unicorns. the thousands of tiny unicorns. drawn over and over again. on a 3' x 6' sheet of yellow paper. a work of art that should permanently reside at intuit or some other cool museum-gallery.

we wished we could leave with more. with some of her clothes, perhaps? to wear around? the brewery? as living, walking pieces? ... but we couldn't quite. but no big!!! cuz you'll see.

this coming sunday night. from 6-9p. we'll be celebrating the shit out of her. with a DJ set by her old pals good f*ck. and a bunch of letherbee's besk. in radler form. and a bunch of living, walking melina ausikaitis pieces!

come through for an early dinner. and stay for the chance that it gets a little weird!