two days

brew night!

we brewed! our second beer! well... bryan. our partner and brewmaster. brewed. ... i mostly sprayed water on the floor. i wetted so many fucking corners of that floor. you've  never seen a wetter floor. i also used my brut strength and low center of gravity to lift some garbage cans full of wet spent grain into our grain dumpster. ... want to know more about me? the only real human pic we have of the moment is of me, proud in my celine dion t. the other pic was of an inch of bryan's body, the rest covered up by a sack of rice hulls.

but bryan man. the guy has our equipment licked up. (see a pic of him after smoking 40 cigarettes in the 70s.) after a single session moving slowly through it, he's truly the master of the brew. and we're ready to mob through some shit... in fact, we're cooking up water for a brew that's meant to start in about 28 min. 

we've got one beer in the tanks (a lithuanian grisette). another beer in the tanks (a brut ipa). and a beer on the list for later (a WTF pub beer).

we'll start serving them from our serving vessels later this month. so please stay tuned to our social media shit for more speed.