new beer notice


remember when they used to sprinkle marijuana dust all over your cotton candy at the carnival? you'd take a lick-bite of that pink fluffy shit and get some way-depth. like, the most complex candy you ever had. all subtly bitter and earthy and grassy on the front. and then sweet with fake-candy so-all all-over the mid-palate. and then more grass on the back. and you'd get really mellow waiting in line for the zipper. before hyping back up from natty lights and getting into a town-v-town brawl in the corn dog tent.

or else, remember when you used to get blue-raspberry icee's from the cookie factory at the orland square mall? and you'd suck the shit out of it. get a headache. sit down in front of the chlorinated waterfall. for a quick take 7. and then you'd walk back and forth a few more times. and into and out of spencer's gifts. and your slushie'd be goin' down so smooth now. all blue raspy.

KNOW THOSE JOYS AND KNOW *SABRO CRUSH*. our brand new crusher. hopped w the only hop yet discovered in the american wild: sabro. neomexicanus cotton candy-grass hop. growing all alone there. in the mountains of new mexico. for a million years. just spicin' up lizard carnivals. and prairie dog malls. additional thoughts: watermelon. blue raspy. just funkin' candy town. 

we also threw in some idaho gems and aussie ella hops. both of which might add some certain something. tbd. TBD.

we packaged this beers weds. tapped it that night. and it's running through our lines RIGHT NOW. come get it here. at bungalow by middle brow. before you get it elsewhere. (we are indeed sending a few kegs and cases around town.)

fresh fridays! at bungalow by middle brow!

label photo by @michael_albert_music_group. that's michael hilger of chicago.

label photo by @michael_albert_music_group. that's michael hilger of chicago.