middle brow missions

stout fest!

stout fest is this weekend! hey... look... we ain't in high school no more. metallica sold out, sure. but a lot of other people did shit for money. and we still like their product. and listened to their records. and etc. ... like, jack white's a raging, insecure crybaby. but we like his tunes. and james murphy pretended he was cooler than money. and then pretended it was cool not to be cooler than money. but, again, we still like his tunes. 

and goose island is owned by a big old beast. ... we hate the concentration of wealth. and we think big beer should be broken up. but a lot of really talented, nice, cool folks make and do great things at goose island. and we ain't in high school no more. like is complex. we all contain multitudes. 

and stout fest is this weekend! we're spiking our imperial spiced milk stout, the milk-eyed mender, with some delicious flayv. maybe maple? maybe hazelnut? maybe neither i guess? stay tuned. 

maple hazelnut-maybe milk-eyed mender at stout fest 2019.

- - -

this past monday, we supported comfort station in logan square at the lula cafe logan square chefs dinner. it was our third year in a row supporting our pals w some beer. and every year we count ourselves more lucky for the chance. the dinner is hosted by jason and his big, beautifully edgy family at lula. we also feel at home there. shit... since 2001 we've thought of it as some kind of offsite living or dining room. 

in addition to some wild lula dishes, we were tickled to try things by ethan from the recently lauded cellar door provisions, joe from daises, and leonard from arbor. and an eye-twitchingly good cocktail by stephanie from billy sunday.

don't miss it next year.