new beer notice


this beer here's been out for a bit. but we released it during the chaos of our openih nup. it's got that what-the-fuh to it. like, in a big way. it's like when you're a kid and you first discover smells. like, everything smells good. even questionable things. even bad things. and you want to share every smell with someone else.

this gal's a serious "here, smell this" beer. your nose keeps your head turnt downward. like unripe strawberry. or like grocery bag paper after it's been soaked in something unidentifiable but the only fresh things you bought were berries and an ancient-grain salad. or like kiwi skin that was separated from its flesh 12 or 13 minutes ago.

but "here, smell this" is really the best way to describe this beer. and other similar beers. it's a smell and taste you're not sure you like. so you keep drinking it. in the meantime, you're totally refreshed. and maybe after two you're a little buzzed. and your buddy who only likes lagers decides for his third beer that "i'll have that". and then he orders another one for his fourth. (but please only drink four beers if you're still cool after four. or cooler. by no means do this is if you get a bit hotter and lamer after four beers. instead switch to kombucha or go get a fucking massage or something. that's the right way to restaurant.)

anyway, not like you asked, but some of you might be thinking: what's this beer made of? well, barley for one. but also spelt. which adds a nice fun earth-tone or twang or why (that's short for what have you). we hopped it with bru-1 and comet. which just means: a little citra. and little stone fruit. but really, how many times are we gonna repeat the same hop characteristics?

so come in! and smell this!