* free breakfast*

for CPS students and their families

breweries are natural forces of gentrification; there's nothing they can really do to avoid it. we've spent the last decade-and-a-half living and hanging in and around logan square and humboldt park, watching the demographics slowly shift in one direction. once the 606 officially landed, we decided we had to open in the logan-humboldt (humbogan?) borderlands. we could be different, we thought. we could be a brewery that accepted its fate as a gentrifying force, while constantly countering that force with our own programming. 

since we launched our brewery in 2012, we've donated over 50% of our profits to local social-justice organizations. and in our new space on armitage, we'll be hosting *FREE BREAKFAST* for CPS students on the weekends. we'll also be instituting a work-training program in several months, which will provide employment and on-site social work to men and women from at-risk populations on the west side.

through programs like these, we aim to serve our entire neighborhood, and to soften the blow dealt to some of our would-be neighbors by unjust municipal tax policy and other unfortunate drivers of gentrification. we believe that we couldn't have picked a better community to join.

but, for now, back to *FREE BREAKFAST* ... we're hosting the first one THIS SATURDAY! that's TOMORROW, if you're keeping track of days. as we used to do. so: if you know a CPS kid who tends to get a little hungrier on the weekends, please send them our way. hell, even offer to pick them up and drive them here! or, better yet, tell their adult family members about the breakfast; we're happy to serve them some hearty, delicious food, too. same story for their brothers and sisters.

and what do you do if you have the means to afford three square meals every day of the week? come in between 9a-11a and buy some of our delicious toast! we'll give you the option of adding $1 to your check-bill to help feed food-insecure famblies in the neighborhood.

imagine this. but with a frittata. and simple butter. visciously cool photo by alexa viscius.

imagine this. but with a frittata. and simple butter. visciously cool photo by alexa viscius.