new beer notice


did you say this was the best vienna lager in they city? no? oh. well you mustn't have drunk it yet then. cuz it fucking is. eat your heart out, chicago.

whoa there! angry boy! no no no. no anger here. just excitement. all tiz and some taz. this thing has a caramel face. but then you kiss it. i mean, you french kiss it. you tongue-wrap the hell out of it. and it's all light and perfectly-roasted (thx sugar creek malt you). and it's like you're at your cousin's house. and it's the early morn cuz you slept over. and you woke up wayyy early and reallllly have to piss but for as much fun as you had the night before just mobbing all over every inch of this house you're all timid and shit in the early morgen and you don't wanna get up and so you wait and wait but you're an early riser and your cousin paul it's like he's some kind of count dracula who hates the sun and he's sleeping and sleeping and then whoa is there nobody else awake? is his whole family like this? your aunt and uncle and other girl cousins? all sleeping too? i mean jesus! it's like 7a already! someone's gotta let that long-nailed dog out before he pisses half on some throw rug for frustration with y'all. and shit that's about what you're about to do too.

and then finally you hear a murmur. and it's your cousin jeannie. and she's watching ren and stimpy. and that gives you freedom. to take a leak. finally. and so you do. and you go to the pantry after that. and find some cereal. and you're not allowed to eat fun cereal at home cuz your parents are all prude. there it's like honey nut cheerios or bust. but here they've got oh's. and smacks. and all sorts of shit that probably made mozart smart. made him proliferative. so you eat a bowl of rice krispies. your boring ass. and your cousin laughs at you over his smacks. but then offers you some of his milk.

*MOZART*. a vienna lager. made off mozart and armitage. grains. like a kids cereal. not a crazy-sweet one. more like oh's. it's really like if a beer tasted the way the oh's cereal box looks. it's perfect. it's october in a glass. it's rare for us to really attack this style. but we were all pumpkin'd out in our first fall back in 2013. and we were festbier'd out like two years after that. it's incessant!!!!

but biere de gardes and vienna lagers. shiiiiiiiiiit. set me down front of a baby fire. or a big'n even. with a *MOZART*. our brand new vienna lager. something you can drink everyday. even though you can only soak him up once in a great while. too many faux heroes and legends in his stories. and vibratos. his music wasn't so much for the everyday. in the german philosophical sense. which tended to miss the everyday heroes. but them germans....

they always got good w the everyday beers.

fresh beer fridays. at bungalow by middle brow.


oh shoot! fresh beer friday! that reminds me. of a beer we released while i was toiling right through and forgot this modest memo. on some recent friday. ... we made a fresh-hopped ipa. called *FRESH CRUSH: AMARILLO". with fresh amarillo hops.

what weird to say about it? nothing, really. it's just wild how real hops taste. let me put it this way: imagine you cut a rose frmo its branch in may. and you dehydrated it almost immediately. in a flash. and then you pulverized it into a fine powder. and pelletized it. and vacuum-sealed all the pellets and stored them in a freezer for months and months. and then you wanted to make a rose tea. so you went and retrieved a rose pellets and dropped it in hot water and it was good! it was rosy!

and then imagine instead that you cut a rose from its branch in may. and dipped it in hot water just then. for a tea.

the latter is what *FRESH CRUSH: AMARILLO* is. not better, necessarily. just different. beautiful. fresh. wispy. (yes. it's better.)

ok. two fresh beers on this cool, fiery friday. come for them.

a fresh little autumnal lager. just before the rain breaks.

a fresh little autumnal lager. just before the rain breaks.