middle brow missions

fuck the nfl. for manipulating you.

fuck the nfl. for manipulating you.

sundays in the sun room.

the shriek of a guitar string. fingers draggin' 'long it. yeet! assaulting the tips of your fingers. callous, disgusting. like, peeling dead skin all day. and then caressing the face of your maybe-lover that eve. to his deep chagrin. and your eventual chagrin. when he says goodbye. on account of your harsh hands.

the trauma. long term. created by guitar playing. it's real. it could lead to early death by broken heart by loneliness or else early musical success by broken heart by loneliness and then early death by that—the drugs and the coffee and the drugs again.

the government should really do something about drugs. and rock stars. and rap songs. with all the violence. and the sex. and the drugs.

it's really terrible. for our communities. and our community workers. music. no more guitars! ban guitars!

but srsly. fuck the nfl. and hey: i was a giant bears fan for a long, long time. grew up that way. then grew to hate sports. but then somehow loved pro football again. somehow it tied me to my youth and my neighborhood and my friends. and i was hooked as an adult.

but then. after a summer in san francisco. (an autumn in san francisco.) i was freed. forever. from the shackles of sunday football.

the national football league is the brand new tobacco industry. killing communities. with full knowledge. and in full denial. ... sabotaging the science. stifling the reports. ... these are evil people. and i ignored the evil for a long time. so i won't bag anybody for doing same. but you really ought to stop. find entertainment somewhere else.

like, e.g., sundays in the sun room!!!! go get a late noon brunch in logan square. hit the farmer's market. then wander down to bungalow. sometime in the 3s. for a beer or two. and a game of backgammon. and then a pizza. and then a nice set of music. from 5p until you start to fade. in the pre-8s.

this week!!!!

we got *BRIAN SULPIZIO* from *health & beauty*. introduced by *SHAINA HOFFMAN*. a coupla chicago legends. this sunday. starting at 5p. w their guitars. shrieking under their soft, lilting, lateral-moving fingers.

i hope brian plays a solo version of *back to the place*. but am fine if he don't.