new beer notice!


outside outsider art.

ever drink a beer and think: this would be so much better if the hops weren't screaming at me through the glass. or, this would be so much better if i didn't have to scrape hop dust off the back of my throat. or, this would be so much better if it didn't make my belly blow up after half a glass. or, this would be so much better if it didn't drag my palate down with sweetness. or, this would be so much better if it were like champagne for beer. like, with hops standing in for grapes.

yeah. us too.

so we made a brut beer. a brut ipa, in fact. it's light of body. like no body nobody's ever tasted or sniffed or sensed. the fruity nose dominates. with a very subtle and short-lived hop howl. just enough for you to smay-yall and taste before giving way to effervescence and oh-my-god-where-did-that-swallow-even-go?

now... have you ever seen a work of art. and been blown away. and asked around until you found the artiste. and then, when you learned that she was intellectually and developmentally disabled, started weeping internally, and eye-welling externally?

amanda gantner. who does her brilliant work at the arts of life. made our very brilliant label. and we'll have that work and several others of her pieces on show at the event. (special thanks to melkbelly for inspiring our subconscious to look up amanda's work.)

this saturday. daytime. we're releasing the first kegs of the beer. and displaying amanda's art. quite happily. at sleeping village in avondale. one of our new favorite joints. ... our pals from melkbelly will be spinning some vinyl, or maybe just spinning their iPod wheels, or maybe just your heads. but hopefully not plates. on sticks. that'd be ever so radiohead. ... and dj/chef/polymath/insomniac won kim from kimski over nearer the river will be manning the grills! so bring some hunger along with your thirst!

catch us this coming saturday. for a nice patio party. in the neighborhood that built chicago.