new beer breakdown \ 29 june 18 /

*JEAN GENIE'S* - kölsch - 4.7%

germans are super paranoid. insecure, really. and so paranoid. i know this because i'm mostly german of gene. they're true! that's why world wars i and ii started! the archduke was murdered, sure. but germany was sick of being looked down upon. and it was all landlocked and without empire for the most part. and so it spent lots of its treasury on weaponry. and the kaiser decided it was now or never and invaded belgium to preemptively attack france. and it was a wild mistake. 

but this paranoid style. this insecurity. it's led to lots of perfection. perfection from overcompensation, sure. but perfection nonetheless. ... we may tend against making german beer styles, but that tends to be what we drink most. and so when gene's sausage shop in lincoln square approached us about collaborating on a beer using their farm-grown honey, our tongues went all tangled. and we eventually yelped YES! and we got to work on a german style that'd be perfect for summer on a rooftop with a sausage.

enter *JEAN GENIE'S*, our blended yeast kölsch with gene's farm-grown honey and bavarian mandarina hops. part lager, part kölsch. a light kiss of honey. a pinch of mandarina hops. (i'd call this a kiss too, but let's not make out here in public. we ain't carnies, for chrissakes.) ... the beer drinks like a drink you can't stop drinking. and they're selling pitchers of it on the gene's rooftop! you can even order pitcher of it yourself. and sit up there in the hot sun, sweating and sipping from your pitcher. as you read paranoia-laced steppenwolf or the glass bead game by german herman hesse. you really owe yourself a day of outdoor reading. don't you?

another happy accident of german insecurity: the loud influx of hardworking european immigrants to the united states in the early part of this century. which made us think... wouldn't it just be perfection from insecurity to donate our profits from this beer to an organization that's fighting for families separated by the newest baby-boy-kaiser-style-insecure president drumpf?

yeah. it's perfect. so: our latest donation goes to CARA. a remarkable collaborative crew doing work on the southern border. more on this below.

so on the hottest saturday of 2018, head on up to gene's rooftop. there's a nice corner waiting for you in the pixar'st neighborhood in town.