new beer notice \ 6 april 18 /


*LITTLE CRUSH* - a session ipa - 4.7%

we like little beers. we like soft beers. and we like hop subtlety. and so we brewed a session ipa. it's got'a not a lot of alcohol innit. and the hop character is pretty. and sharp where it needs to be. and touching. like an opera. el dorado. mosaic. chinook. tropical-y. frui-t. pīn-e. it's got all three. you're gonna love it. scour the city by tunesday. or, maybe, pay attention to our instagram on either tunesday night or tunesday morning. we'll tell you where to look to find a *LITTLE CRUSH*. it'll give you butterflies. and memories.


*SELLS OUT 007* - a hay-z ipa - blended yeast; 007, azacca, mandarina - 6%

we also told you to expect that secret agent sell out. 'bout the hop helmer of our latest *SELLS OUT*. half british. half militiaman in some mountain-western forest. *SELLS OUT 007* arrives thurnesday, i reckon. 007s. azaccas. mandarinas. pop!