new beer breakdown \ 4 may 18 /

*QUEEN* - bohemian pils - 4.7%

*QUEEN*. so we mother may i’d this beer a few months back. it was light. and bright. and fruit fwd. and clean. and platonically ideal. and we thought it was greek. but then realized it was closer to german. but fully czech. which is plenty greek to someone, somewhere. and we had a party for it at ipsento 606 with our friend kerem and so many new and old friends came and we saw the whitney guys there and the apologue guys too and we all planned separate fun projects together and everyone was blissful and ignoring april the terrible and so we turned to each other and said “shit-hey! let’s make this beer again! and get it in cans!” and so we did. the first of our middle classics.

and. just this week. now. it’s finally out in cans. *QUEEN*. a boho pils with hallertau blancs. and sparsely and strategically we dropped the suckers all around the city. so, lots of special boutiques got special deliveries this week. go find a can for the first may weekend.

look for a special softness on the palate. and a super subtle’n flirty fruit on the nose. and a cleanliness on the finish. and another one in the four pack. to crack just after you finish the first sixteen’r.