new beer breakdown \ 11 may 18 /

*WHITNEY* - sour, dry-hopped table beer - 4.3%

whitney is our newest beer can, and it’s so good!

(can we just stop there? that’s about all we want to leave you with. but instead i typically drone on and on about how it’s good. but i’m tired today. i don’t think i have the energy to go into detail.

like, i might usually say something really plainly descriptive first this is a sour belgian table beer. dry-hopped with enigma. but i don’t have the energy to do that this time. or i might say that the beer is almost perfectly sour. enough to really wake you up when you’re writing a newsletter at 530a on a friday morn. but not so sour that you can’t have three. and three you can have! because it’s only 4.3%! and it goes down so light. lighter than a feather as long as you weren’t eating the feather cuz that i tend to think wouldn’t go down oh so lightly.

ok. hmm. light and sour. which is perfect for this nice change of season we’re having. but what might i say about the aroma? that it’s just a pop of fruit. a touch of wine. a slather of currant jam. and a hint of a funk as if from a guitar player in willie nelson’s touring band in the early 80s who was fired for adding funk to the country twang but who stuck around cuz they kept forgetting to put a “guitar player wanted” ad up in their memphis studio. and suddenly it was the end of the tour and they kinda liked it and so did everyone else.

i might say that it’s so good that i drank 4 on our canning day. and then two that night. and then the next day i took one into the shower as a little accompaniment. and ran short of shampoo so i just dumped a bit of whitney into my hair instead. and then that night i added half a can to the mustard i was making. and then i opened one this morning just to write about it and then i was gonna drain pour it cuz it’s 5 f’n 30 in the mourn and i should be sleeping but now i’m 3/4 done with it. ... 

it’s gonna be hard to keep these suckers on the shelves once they’re discovered. especially when that sun is shining. for now, i know you can find some at 57th street wines in hyde park. and at least once a year you should find a reason to go down to hyde park. it’s beautiful there. maybe take a nap on a bench on the lake. with an open can of whitney resting on your belly.)



*NEKO - a rye saison with ginger* - 5% 

we’ve talked about this one quite a bit these last few weeks. it’s a mover and a shaker. no no. don’t shake it. never mind that. it’s moving fast. and probably shaking around in the bottom of lots of beer bags but then it’s put to rest gently in the dark, cool confines of a beer fridge and it sleeps there for hours and hours, reabsorbing all of it’s CO2. preparing for its big moment. every friday. when the workweek has dragged on too long. and its owner just wanted a pick-me-up cup of beer. the ginger puts in near-perfect work as a balancing spice to the saison fruits. ask your local liquor store where to find neko. if they don’t know, they don’t know.