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*LITTLE CRUSH* - session ipa - 4.7%

you remember when you first tasted it. and you thought "hmmm. it's kinda cute". and you wanted another sip, but your friend ran out. and you thought about searching it out on untapped but got distracted by this amazing bit of lake michigan lore. and then a few days passed and you couldn't shake the thought of some unidentifiable "it". but you drink so many beers that you forgot exactly what it was or who made it or what the can even looked like. you just had that crazy nose-palate-memory. but it wasn't a real memory. it was one that you couldn't quite remember all the way. and then you walked into sleeping village this past week and saw it on tap and it all came rushing back. and you ordered one and realized how beautifully it ages. and holy shit you've been thinking about it ever since. looking it up on instagram. seeing if maybe it's on facebook too and maybe there's more pictures of it there. and you wonder what, like, the whole can looks like. and what it wears in the winter. and you would look for it on linkedin but linkedin tells people who's viewed their profile so you close the google results page before you accidentally click on that scary fucking link. and you keep trying to find a connection to it. you just gotta know someone who knows it.

anyway. it's hopped with mosaicel dorado and chinook. fermented with blended yeast. smells like a briar bush in a clearing in a forest in northern michigan. tastes like the moment you stop paddling and just cruise.

we're canning it today! tune into our @instagram stories at @middlebrowbeer.

and look! ***thrillist*** thinks it's one of the best beers of the summer!