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cans for cache.

it’s been a busy week, and not all so productive this time: illinois craft beer week 2018 is nearly in the books. it’s a week that sounds like it would be fun. and i won’t complain about all the fun events that breweries and bars host. but. you know. as a little throwback to our very finest newsletter: there’s massive event fatigue in the world right now. and when each brewery crams 20 beer events into a week, that don’t help. ... but we always try to do something broader. more inclusive. something that appeals to the masses and doesn’t drag on your palate. like: calling our friends at cellar door provisions, who made a radish ponzu with our beer this week and last (grab some before sunday afternoon!). or our sunday afternoon hang at sleeping village with mr.pulsaki's delicious foods and the band whitney spinning an all-day DJ set. a ton of fun, that. or our (beer +) event at the charleston with apologue liqueurs where we guzzled beer cocktails like they were la croixs.

but we think it’s important every year. after indulging the shit out of ourselves for a week. drinking all sorts fine potions. and slapping other breweries and bars on their backs. to remember why we started: to try to improve the lot of some underprivileged and underserved members of the city we’re so lucky to thrive in. to wit: so many of us benefit so much from the status quo. we grow up on quiet streets in single family homes with backyards and stable parents and supportive friends and family members. our streets are plowed in the winter. our potholes are fixed in the spring. our recess is unencumbered by stray bullets or lockdowns. we eat lunch even when school isn’t there to feed us. like on a saturday or sunday. we avoid addiction. or, if we fall prey to it, we have a massive support network to help lift us up out of it. we seek and receive mental health treatment the second we start feeling a little sick of head or emotion; depression and anxiety don’t last all that long.

others of us aren’t so lucky. whether bullets whiz by our bedroom windows on a weekly basis. or depression and anxiety go unrecognized. or addition goes untreated.

and homelessness is the most visible evidence of this luck/unluck divide. wait. whoa. hey there. “homeless”? huh? what’s that mean? like, there are people who don’t have anywhere to sleep at night? just, nowhere at all? and they also don’t have any food to eat? and, uhhhh, you just had a bridal shower and got like 38 gifts from all these people who love you and care about you and your happiness? as if you somehow “deserve” those gifts and the person sleeping in a tent (if they’re lucky) under a highway overpass (if they’re lucky) doesn’t “deserve” a home? like, we can’t justify paying enough in taxes to make sure nobody goes without an egg to eat and a stovetop on which to fry it? i ain’t asking rich people to pay for an xbox. just an egg and four walls where someone can sleep soundly. and then, so what if they wanted to pass their time with an xbox. how’s that any different from you passing your time with a podcast or an online crossword puzzle while you pretend to work at your insurance desk all day? is xbox'n unproductive behavior? yeah. the difference is: you actually get paid for your unproductive behavior. and the guy who simply wants to consume some xbox with his frosted mini wheats is a drag on society? i’d say the girl with the podcast habit is equally draggy.

so. the point. ... this saturday, please join us for our last event of craft beer week. cans for cache. from 12p-3p, swing by the location of our future brewpub with a 1-gal ziplock bag full of all the *HOMELESS SUPPLIES* you can fit from the dollar store. and we’ll give you a can or two of beer in return for you #CacheBag. depending on how our beer supplies are holding up. we’ll also have samples of TWO of our brand new blends:

*YOU WERE TIRED*: our brett beer, how it starts, blended with a beloya coffee roasted by our pals at gaslight coffee roasters

*HEART OF THE SUN*: a collaboration with 2nd shift brewing. two brett beers blended in blissful’n slick harmony.

and maybe we’ll have a sprinkler to run through. see you in the sunny noon.