\ 8 june 18 /


lucky to wait.

we got our building permit this week. it's big news, since we were meant to get itapril 1. it's 2+ months later. but, you know, as they say, *the city*. and it's totally true. it was sorta like being in a kafka novel. but we ain't complaining. we're lucky as fucky even to be applying for a building permit. thanks to the universe for that.

in any event, we've been taking pictures of it in all sorts of positions. on the ground. on a chair. on a table. on a barrel. with a beer behind it. ... we posted it up on a tree like it was a *no parking street cleaning* sign. we took it back down and taped it to the window of our neighbors car window like it was a ticket. then he came down and snatched it off the window and we took a picture with him holding it. we put it in with our groceries and then took a picture of the checkout man trying to scan it. we took a picture of it when some crushed raspberries stained it.


so time is now getting more precious. add a build-out to all the current work, and i'll have way less time for fancy writing. expect me to be more direct. (at least until i forget and start rambling again.)

(we may have more to say on this. but, for now, thanks chef bourdain. 61 years is a long time to live a great life. you seem to have. despite your struggles. true love will find you in the end.)

anyway, for now, as ever, dig deep / stay tuned.