new beer breakdown \ 2 march 18 /


*SELLS OUT DEN* - hazy ipa: double dry-hopped; blended yeast; denali / amarillo / citra - 6.5%

y'all know about our sells out series, right? the crop of hazy ipa we make and ferment with a blend of four yeast strains? with the bouquet that's complemented by a quiet memory of something good you smelt sometime? that's so round on your tongue and finishes soft on your palate? you know, the most enjoyable, crushable ipa you ever did drink? the one that never compels you to grab your tongue to scrape the hop dust off it?

well. we released another one a couple weeks back. *SELLS OUT DEN*. with denali, amarillo and citra hops. and it's covered in pine and spruce and something quite green. and tropical and citrus-y notes. and it's likely still available, but only just, at the following joints: foodsmart, liquor park, sal's, tuscan sun, whole foods (select), beer on central, beer on the wall, the beer temple, bitter pops, crafted, dill pickle co-op, ezra's, fischman's, garfield's, gold eagle, handlebar, maria's, provisions uptown, rogers park provisions, standard market, the beer cellar, the open bottle, vas foremost, beermiscuous, binny's, bottles & cans, capone's, humboldt haus, olivia's, publican quality meats, the noble grape.


*HOW IT STARTS* - wild ale: fermented w 100% brett blend - 5.5% 

and, speaking of yeast blends: we also just released a wild ale fermented with a super brett yeast blend. it's called *HOW IT STARTS*. remember? it's the beer that'll make you blink and furrow your brow and tuck your chin to your chest and sharply pull your head back while you extend your arm just a tinch and turn the can to the letter-side and think "what in the amazing fuck kind of beer is this?" it's a brett beer. and it's dry and refreshing and delicious. with a slight twang'n funk on the nose and palate. it'll likely be on the shelf right next to *SELLS OUT DEN*. buy it and try it. i dare ya.


*CASK-AGED AD ASTRA* - w cherries + vanilla - 8%

and while you're out and about this weekend, stop in at owen and engine. and try the cask they just tapped. it's *AD ASTRA*. our salted caramel scotch ale. aged in a cask with cherries and vanilla. it's a beer that for some reason reminds us of that one time at our grandma's house in the 70s when the dog was sick and hiding under the couch and we were sitting on her floor prank calling people in different areas codes to get back at her for yelling at us about the cauliflower we couldn't quite finish. even though we weren't born 'til '82.

the smoke is mighty tamed by the cherries and the vanilla. and the salt sings through all that! it's a beautiful beer for the end of winter. treat your mouth, after all the cold day and night air through which it hustled.