new beer breakdown


*QUEEN* - bohemian pils - 4.7%

i don't know how we ever made anything but pilsners. drinking a clean, crisp pilsner is something plato would probably do if he lived in this super cool craft-beer-bro-it's-everything era. socratic method brewing company. they'd launch with an aristotelian amber. take home 6th place in paste mag's blind tasting with their pythagorean pale ale. speak to the late 80s craft beer aficiando in every town with their metaphysical english mild. and go in and out of style with their platonic pilsner. it's *almost* the perfect beer form. easy to drink. floral from some just-a-touch'n hop'n. bready. clean finish. so crisp it could snap a streak of twelve 40º days in a row. there's a reason macro beer derived from this style. it's sorta weird that pilsners ain't greek. like everything else in the world secretly is.

anyway. they're not. they're czech. and sometimes german. and either way pretty similar in the end. and we made one in the czech tradition. a bohemian pils. we like to think we're pretty bohemian. and we really dig vaclav havel. he fought for the little guy. and the little gal. the easy-to-ignore. the silhouettes of men. not quite in the shadows. but only ever seen in the periphery by the powers that be. a man after our own hearts.

our boho pils is called *QUEEN*. and he's just a poor boy from a poor family. if you couldn't tell, we named it after a famous little classic rock hymn. the very first kegs will the city late next week. and in about a month's time we'll have some cans on your favorite shelves. so keep peelin' your eyelids back!


*coming in april* 

little. hoppy.

we've got some big'n hoppies under our belt. but yesterday we brewed our first little hoppy number. is it a session ipa? a pale ale? you'll soon find out. in any event, it was hopped up with el dorado, mosaic and chinook hops. be ready for the big three: tropical, citrus and pine. more on this in a few weeks.

big. hazy.

and remember: we never want you to forget that we're total sell outs. like, secret agent level sell outs. hint: the hop helmer in our latest *SELLS OUT* takes her name from britain's most famous spy.