stouts at night \ 2 feb 18 /

anything left of amber, right?

we partook in the hop review / few brews stout contest early last month. and ... oh!! we landed right in the middle?! oh, well, you don't say! ... but have you ever had the pleasure of drinking any of the stouts that ranked above us?! they're *all*—i mean, every last one of them—barrel-aged stouts. and they're delicious and complex and when we were driving back from detroit last weekend and our engine started hacking and dry heaving and our spare canister of motor oil dripped its last drop we cracked one of them there barrel-aged stouts and fed it all viscous and vapory to our motor and we made it all the way home in time for the chicago cardinals game.

barrel-aged stouts! delicious, but sort of in a league of their own. and so, if you remove the barrel-aged stouts from the contest, our modest but still imperial milk stout was *the single highest rated stout* in the bunch. much like our president, we ain't above reinterpreting contest results and eating non-toxic big macs to make ourselves feel better. 

but in all earnesty. congratulations to all the stouts all around us on that list. we've had nearly every single one of them. and we'd consider ourselves lucky to drink any one of them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. or, even, right before bed.

as for ours: the milk-eyed mender. a 10.3% milk stout. with dark and fruity peppers. and cinnamon-laced chocolate. and soft-glowing vanilla. and tangy orange peel. ... we only make it once a year. and it's on still shelves at a few select places. in the city. so grab it before it's gone.