every now and again.

the wild and wonderful robyn. we packaged it up again this week. on valentine's day, not less. which was perfect. because it's really a beer about marriage. one of the first beers we ever made, and the first beer we released that contained a yeast blend. the marriage of two different brewer's yeasts. and the different styles that go with them. the beer introduces itself to you in two languages. as if from two different countries. and both of the *hellos* were merely interpretations of the traditions of those countries. traditionalists might call them bastardizations. we call them experiments. and evolutions. 

how very american.

the end of february is the perfect time to revisit an old friend. if robyn is such for you, find a can. 

and if you've never had the pleasure of drinking the marriage between two europeans. a sort of gyspy child. take a chance this weekend.

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