out in illinois \ 23 feb 18 /

the prairie path.

remember the first time you rode your bike on a bike path? it rained and rained and rained the night before. and you were all bummed cuz you were off pre-school the next day and you had big plans to play outside and ride the path in the morning and you hadn't yet figured out that if it was raining at 6pm that didn't mean it would be raining at 9am the next day. and so of course the sun followed the rain the following day and you got on your schwinn predator and your ma put your sister in the child carrier on the back of her bike and you took off down the block to the big old bike path. but when you got there, it was flooded from the night before. and you tried to ride through the flood against your ma's wishes but you got stuck halfway through and started walking back and a snake grazed your foot and that scared the fuck out of you so you got back up on your bike and pedaled instead of walking through the flood-puddle and then you and your 80s bike crew rode through town to your aunt's house.

bike paths remind us of the suburbs. and naperville, though we've only been there once or twice, strikes us as the platonic ideal of the suburbs. it also seems oddly representative of the word "illinois". and it's super odd still that there's an amendment to the bill of rights that's about such a specific group of people in gun owners? and the gun lobby tends to respond to arguments about more gun control by shouting about how "no child's life is as important as my second amendment rights!" jk they don't actually shout that. but wayne lapierre, the head sorta-man over at the nra, all but does. right? the worst of the men standing in the way of a shift in the gun culture.

we're also going out into our state this saturday. into illinois. and we're bringing two blended beers. one, our blended-yeast saison, *ROBYN*. a veritable greatest hits of belgium aromas and flavors. the other, the latest in our blended-yeast hazy ipa series, *SELLS OUT DEN*. if you'll be at the naperville winter ale fest, come say hi. i'll give you a warm illinois hug and a lovely chicago beer.