new beer notice \ 29 dec 18 /

spicy minty mender

i hate to be redundant. but shit. that clashes with the entire concept of marketing. which thrives on redundancy. which requires redundancy. ... to wit: we have to tell you 4 times about the same beer, and highlight it on the menu, and tell the bartender to point to our beer when she hands the menu to you. and even then, your tired throat will ask her if she has any middle brow. srsly: some close friends and family still ask us the name of our brewery! and it ain't their fault! they're just humans-walking-breathing-sexting-vaping-being. and humans being don't have no time to remember non-essential shit like the name of their brother's brewery. so i've swallowed my bride. and i get heavy-redundant all over this rough-draft work. this blog. this 5am, automatic eye shadow. ... marketing is redundancy. and so a lot of this letter is redundant. sorry. am sorry.

which is all to say: go to links taproom tonight and this weekend. y'dig? cuz after i finish writing this morning, i'm gonna deliver them a cask filled with candy canes dissolved in *THE MILK-EYED MENDER*. a little christmas nod to the chicago stand-by, goose island. our very own brewery-that-started it all. 

as i've said before: it's a milk stout. with guajillo, pasilla and morita peppers. and a mountain of cacao. and the wisp-iest, ubiquitous-iest, indonesian-iest cinnamon. and some real vanilla beans, scraped of their caviar. and a malleable bag or two of sweet orange peel. AND PEPPERMINT! pouring from a cask. at links taproom. tonight and next week and until it's dry, really. call ahead to make sure it's on tap, if you're driving from far away. and be safe.