new beer notice \ 2 feb 18 /


during the short january sleep we're all just now waking up from, we brewed several beers. two of which are new.

the first is the latest in our sells out series: *SELLS OUT DEN*. it's mobbed-up with denali, amarillo and citra hops. the pineapple and greater tropical notes are nose-shattering on this one. as always, we invited our yeast blend to the picnic. some fruit, some twang, some classic IPA. and, despite all the tropicalia, with each sip i see the color green. what better color in the dead of winter?

it's a fun one. more on locations next week, but we'll be dropping a keg at small bar chicago this coming thurs. right after we finish packaging it.

the second hibernation-killer is *HOW IT STARTS*. it's a little preview of the kind of beer we'd brew quite frequently if we had a brewpub. say, in logan square. 100% fermented with a fruity brettanomyces blend. hopped with motuekas from new zealand, so lemon/lime, mint and tropical fruit provide background rhythm to the soft, funky dynamic of the frontwoman—the yeast blend. stay tuned. deliveries late next week.