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we've been telling you for some weeks that we've got some new beers on the way. the unveiling was slow, just like the fermentation process. but the sales have been lickety-splitly! 

let's dig on *HOW IT STARTS* for a quick minute. you know when you were looking for a new apartment. and you went on craigslist and made a bunch of appointments at places that looked really sharp. but the whole time you were doing so, something felt off in the way way back of your head. and then you got to the first one, and it was great! so great! your mom would love it! you inserted the key into the deadbolt and turned it without any effort. and the storm door shut behind you at an almost pensive pace. and the staircase was well lit and the walls were brand new and then the apartment itself was filled with brand new stainless appliances and marble countertops and the shower was separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass half-wall just in case you ever got a boyfriend and there were USB ports in every outlet between the two plug holes and you smiled your most effortful smile and walked out thinking about how nice it would be just to have a nice apartment for once where the water got hot fast and stayed hot long enough to give you dandruff and the AC was fucking voice-activated. and you had a doorwoman and a dishwasher for your 2 bowls, 1 spoon and 1 saucepan.

but then you got onto your bike to ride to your next appointment. just to see an apartment just like the last one! [scene: chicago's west loop, obv.] it was so clean and nice and sparkling and inodorous and after 12 more of these appointments you couldn't remember a single one and you just wanted to see an apartment with some character. you wanted to get back to something honest. back to the earth. see something real. and wild. and a little offbeat. though, of course, not too offbeat. you were fine with all the new windows, at least. but something funky, you know? and then you found it. up in noble square. and you threw a wad of cash in the agent's face and signed a lease immediately. 

*HOW IT STARTS* tastes exactly like that. when your palate grows tired of tasting formulaic beers. [note here: producer makes formulaic beers, too. no need to bag on such. stress merely the benefit of trying something new.] and you want something a little funky but still beautiful. edgy. something that makes you shift your head backward on your neck really fast and you furrow your brow and concentrate your eyes and move your beer hand slightly further away from your face and turn the can so you can see what's written on the side because who the fuck is this brewery and what the fuck is this beer and holy shit i want another sip just to be sure this isn't wine or some fermented tea and oh yes it's certainly beer but what in the fuck kind of beer is it i better take a sip again boy this shit is fire [aside: character is from gen z]. it's funky. it's earthy. it feels honest. it smells like loud fruit and the sloppy guitar on an early neil young record. and it's light! it's perfect for soif'n!

lime / tropix / twang / happy neil young / wake up from winter and walk on. with a dry beer for your thirsty psyche.

available on tap at lula cafe. in cans at the charleston. and for grab'n and cloth bag'n at capone's, the beer temple, bitter pops, and the whole bunch of killer beer bumble bees around chicagoland. if you don't see it, ask for it.

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sold out? already?!

we did some pre-sales of the latest beer in our #sellsout series, *SELLS OUT DEN*. and apparently pre-sold virtually all of them. such that our distributor's shelves are already empty of cans. empty! the beer sold out in about twenty four hours!

now, that doesn't mean that it's no longer available to you! it is! at least for now. ... it's all over chicago. right now. like, tonight! so go straight to the store and buy a 4 pack! because as soon as it sells out at your store, that's the last of it.

and so far everyone agrees: this is the best *SELLS OUT* beer yet. we combined the modern hazy tropicals with classic 90s pine. did you ever think pine could have such an intense fruit nose? pine and pineapple and dank-as-f hop. with so very little of 2013's ipa bitterness. because, as usual, #soft beers from #soft souls. that's our motto.