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it's 6º at 6a.
are you cold as f? you do know that the plurality of body heat you lose escapes your body through your head, right? you should be wearing a winter hat. one with a pom-pom on top of it. because the pom-pom serves a practical purpose: it's meant for peacocking. humans have an innate attraction to hair. it's what keeps us warm! and the pom-pom is meant to mimic a man/woman bun. 

so we're happy to introduce our brand new winter hats! they'll keep your head warm. and in doing so keep your whole body warm. which will be important given how much more attractive you'll be to your sexual partner. or, to put it more mildly, your sleeping partner. 

pick one up at www.middlebrowbeer.com/store. and while you're there, visit our blog. it's a nice wrap up of all these rants. maybe you missed one? gods forbid.