memorable beers.

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he's just a poor boy from a poor family.

remember your first beer? we remember ours. it tasted like green apple and butter and why haven't other school shootings elicited the response we're seeing to the parkland shooting? is it because the kids are white, or wealthy? i doubt it, since those demographics have been in play before oh fucking hell i told myself i wasn't gonna to talk about guns today...

anyway like i said it was apple-y and butter-y and super-aged. but eventually we stopped drinking strohs we stole from neighborhood garages. and started drinking goose. and everything changed from there. then we started brewing our own beers. and got really fancy. and technical. and then we got experimental. but then... we made a beer. finally. it sorta tastes like one of those gross stale beers we used to drink when we were 15. but, y'know, better. 

stay tuned for a #NewBeerNotice. czech your email three fridays from now. or thereabouts. pils and thank you.