a recipe.

crush 2.5 sleeves of ritz crackers. melt a half-stick of butter. mix crushed crackers in butter. set aside. wonder silently whether there's enough butter in that mixture.

lightly steam 15oz of chopped broccoli. broccoli should be crunchy. don't fully cook. transfer broc to a biggish bowl. melt another half-stick of butter cuz you live 10 minutes from indiana or wisconsin. hold big-ass block of velveeta cheese over broc bowl. grab a sharp knife with your dominant hand. start slicing into the velveeta block. watch as the shards fall on the hot-as-fuck broc and butter. do this for 4-8oz worth of "cheese". to your liking really.

dump out oozy, gooey, midwestern broc pile into a glass casserole dish. spread tiz mixture over it. pop in oven at 350º until it smells good. and the top is sorta lightl brown. fuck plates. eat right out of casserole dish.

thanks for the memories, mrs. geraghty.