new beer notice

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it's really about boys and girls but all diz goy shit errywhere makin' me all confused. (please push play now on that tom waits youtube tune.) so we did: we got a new beer. we got a couple actually, but we're keepin' most of them under wraps until we open the pub. we're releasing this new berliner weisse, though, in some cans and some kegs next week. now how d'you like that?

we dubbed it so cuz it's yet another bloc party beer at base. that is, a delicious, tart, wheat-ish berliner weisse. even though yeah. it ain't block party weather. hey charlie i'm pregnant. but i always had a nice little post-christmas party with the neighbors on my block. when all the family gone and went. our block-fam would come by. and we'd eat beers in the carhole with the unit heaters on full blast. get a nice 3a buzz while my ma wrapped christmas presents for my 14yo baby ass sister. asleep under her bed. scared of santa claus interloping in the night.

and so this is a wintry bloc party beer. with boysenberries and cranberries. a fruitful combo if ever there was one! the cran just adds tartness to the tartness. but the boysens? they add this truly wild, indescribable depth. and then we thought hey! been trine to mix you. you fruits. up with some vanilla and cacao. and so we did that too. off euclid avenue. and holy fuck this beer got round as that first snowball the oldest kid on your block once made. and that you've judged every snowball against since. and the cacao makes you feel rich. like french-rich. not financially rich. 

anyway. meet *BLOC PARTY BOYS & GIRLS*. a berliner weisse with cranberries, boysenberries, cacao and vanilla. get it at a few specialty shops this holiday season. like small businesses. local guys. modest people making ok livings. but that's it. the rest will be on sale at our fa-sill-ity in a few..... weeks? months? crossin' fingers for the former.