middle brow missions

so we started this company way back in 2011 to try to make special, happy beers and to fight against the fact that our federal, state and local governments do such a shitty job protecting us from the natural vagaries of human existence. we set out to donate 50% of our profits to charity. which i've since learnt are better described as social justice organizations. (he gave me a ring that was worn by his mother.) and are they ever!

since our founding, we've actually donated more than 50% of our *gross* profits to these organizations. we've basically given away all the money we've made. and we've done it proudly! happily! because the people we gave it to needed it more than we did. 

but giving people and orgs money is only a small part of the work necessary to help score our neighbors some pretty basic amenities. we also have to take action! and shit... ain't christmastime a fine time to take some action?! (actually, it's pretty damn impirtant to do so in may and juūn too.) 

but we're doing it. again. we're hosting a supply drive. just like the one we did in may/june. and it's in the parking lot of our new brewpub. and here's the deal:

this sunday morning. at 11a. it'll be beautiful. i'm talking "i wish they still had farmers markets outside" beautiful. like little anthony and the imperials. ... and you'll be feeling the busyness of the ensuing two weeks. looming over you. and you wanted, again, to help someone this year. but, again, you've only made plans and set aside time to shop and stress and eat and drink and complain and laugh and yell at red lights. but it's gorgeous. and you've got an hour to kill. and so you remember this email and you get on your bike and you ride over to 2840 w armitage in logan sq. and you get there. and you see a bunch of activity under a tent in the parking lot. and some milling about inside. and you alight from your bike and smell the smell of baked bread. and toast. and toppings. and gaslight coffee. (thanks, by the way, a very big thanks, to gaslight coffee in logan square. for roasting delicious fucking coffee and setting us up to brew it for you juuuuust in time for this event.) and then you grab a ziplock bag and listen to a hyper-as-f dude give you the low down on assembling care kits for some needy chicagoans. and you move down the line with your ziplock bag, stuffing it with toothpaste (from wildist) and tampons (from the chicago period project) and shampoo and socks (from socksmith) and granola bars (from chewy?) and deodorant and bandaids and chap stick (from natalie?) and shaving cream and nalgene water bottles. and you get to the end of the line and you're the last bag to be shoved into a messenger bag that hangs on the shoulder of a cut cats courier rider who then jumps on his two wheels and flies through the city on a route designed by our very own genius baker jess galli. down or up or over or back to a shelter. all along the way depositing this bag or that one with a homeless man or woman under an underpass or so.

and you get to peek at a brand new brewery before it opens on armitage and loves you everyday.

we hope to see you sunday. it'll be a ball.