*mission beers*

dark happiness.

the second most exciting thing is our new dark blended beer! it's a collaboration with manual cinema. have you never seen a manual cinema performance?! no??? wow. well you're really in for a treat. and not just the beer. this crew will srsly blow your mind. ok. let me start by explaining what they do. it's a ....... shadow puppet show. i'm dead fucking serious it's a puppet show that will absolutely sit you in your seat. in reality it's so much more than shadow puppetry. it's called "manual cinema" for a reason. they use puppets, sure. but also shadows of human being. and shadows of whole set pieces. and they tell a cinematic story. that's totally immersive and overwhelming and beautiful. 

i refuse to post a video of some past performance. cuz it might ruin the delight you'd experience going in blind. so instead i'll post the most recent nytimes article on them.

in any event. we teamed up with them for frankenstein, which is premiering tomorrow at the court theatre in hyde park. the show runs through the month. but get tickets now because much of it is already sold out. and for now it's the only place to get our collaboration beer! ... for the show, we made a dark blended beer. a little honey. some chocolate. some salt. a crisp finish. a touch of something sinister on the nose. it's an amalgamation of sorts. of origins. or morals. a hybrid. but still beer. still, at its core, beer. and lovable for that. 

please come to hyde park. to love our beer. and to love humanity. and the dark beauty it bestows.