check the charts


to be cool. to be wide awake.

now look who it is. fancy old pete. back from a fancy little trip. too cool to write his mother and his uncles. probably too busy chasing exoticisms. talkin’ all weird. eatin' fancy foreign food. gettin’ all liberal. oh it’s ok. it’s fine. we’ve just been hanging around here, eating dinner together and supporting each other like usual is all. we’re so happy you’re so busy in the big city. with your trips and your instagram and your events. it looks like that video by that band fun. you’re setting that world on fire boy! keep having fun. we’re just a bunch of old boring people. don’t worry bout us. no really. we’ll just be checking our mail for amazon packages.

no no no no. no trips here. no time for them right now. maybe again someday. but... i'm still sorry i haven’t written. just sawin’ on our buildout. windows are in. tanks are set. oven is almost on. ... we’re still aiming for a december opening. at least of the soft sort. and we’re still lefty as hell. 

and thankful for the snow. it makes the last mostly-dreary week a little bit more fun. a little prettier. gives us a little something to talk about with each other. "oh my god it's snowing already?!?!?!?!" we could write a whole fucking newsletter on it weather-related commiseration. or start a clever instagram acct. or maybe a blog. chicagoan's on the weather. and on "how long they've been coming to this place and have lived in this neighborhood". our two most favorite inconsequential things to talk about here.

anyway, dig deep / stay tuned.

check the charts.

some things happen.

so in these past three weeks, the most important thing that's happened is OUR TANKS!!! they made it inside our building. after a sleepover party one night. it wasn't a party so much as i watched them sleep. pacing through our parking lot. smoking cigs. talking to myself. and to passing dogs and humans. and, in the smaller hours, passing rats. one of them grazed a our currently-boarded up front door. and i ran from my pacing path at the back of the lot. and on the way, i wondered aloud whether i was running to stop the rat from entering our construction site. or whether i just wanted to see something else moving.

so... here's a picture of some of the equipment. it was worth it.