middle brow wins gold! that's about all we have time to say. it happened a couple weaks back. at FoBAB. which is this rad festival. global in scope. takes place at UIC. ... anyway, a bunch of a really terrific breweries age their beers on wood or in barrels. and usually release just a small amount of such. and then they send some to chicago for fobab. and so we did too. we actually have done so several times these past few years. but this year, we won gold in the classic category. for our *TRADEMARK BRUT* ipa. aged on sassafras wood.

so... go look for any of the beers in our *BRUT* series. they're making a little splash. a little, dry, bright splash. golden, even? your local big box store miiiiight have them. but i reckon not. better luck, we gather, buying from your favorite small businesswoman.

in the meantime, we'll keep building. and rubbing off our foreheads in anxious anticipation. and we hope you're standing by. patiently.

talk again soon.