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*AZACCA CRUSH* - session ipa - 4.8%

we drink ipa. it's a funny thing. to read it singular. like, as *ipa* instead of *IPAs*. you see beer writers do this more and more these days. like, "i spent the day drinking lager on a food truck compound in ... shoreditch". yes. that's fucking right. in shoreditch. in england. they don't pluralize their beer styles. BUT THIS ISN'T ENGLAND. we drink ipas. and lagers. and ales. and beer. (oh yeah. forget that little wrinkle.)

anyway. i don't turn my r into a w when i say paris. and i properly call it or-e-gahn. because i live and grew up in chicago. so stop singularizing ipas and lagers and saisons.

but, despite all that, we made *AZACCA CRUSH*. a beer that tastes like ipa. like real fucking ipa. like something definitive of the style. sessionable, yes. but definitive. light grape. hibernating papaya. evasive grapefruit. sparkling pine. it's all classic and platonic and, like, fucking greek. and it's only on sale at bottles and cans this weekend. so make a trip to damen and lincoln. a straightforward beauty of a beer on a totally slanted, maddening beauty of a street.

if you like ipa.

*so many other new beers* 

but this week has been a big ol' mess of beering into cans. we sealed up this year's very first batch of *AVANT GARDENER*. our biere de garde fermented with a blend of ale and lager yeast and spiked with orange blossom honey. malty-sweet on the nose, rich as ed-mar's personality on the palate, and dry and quenchable on the finish. the perfect beer to sip while you're handing out them black and orange candies to poor trick'r treaters on your block. just take care. cuz they're gonna throw 'em back at you. and it's a cool 7.6% abv. 

and don't forget the few of our other brand news: *SELLS OUT VIC* (our hazy farmhouse ipa with vic secret and pacifica hops), *MOTUEKA BRUT* (our latest simple brut ipa), and *BRETT BRUT* (our beauty brut, funked-up with brett and fruit-fantz w ella hops).

avant gardener

avant gardener