middle brow | citizen how \ 30 jun 17 /

randy bryce.

watch. what's more middle brow than a working class man engaging in high citizenry? no matter your mettle for one side of the aisle or the other, this is compelling stuff. randy bryce is dripping with americana. he's an iron worker with a big belly and a mustache. but somehow he's a democrat... who's running a pro-health care agenda against paul ryan in southeastern wisconsin in 2018. a liberal wet dream.

it's no secret that at least two out of three members of middle brow are screaming liberals (the third is decidedly apolitical). that said, middle brow couldn't exist without the help of our friends and family, many of whom are screaming conservatives (at least in most eras they are). at the end of the day, though, no matter your background or political persuasion, it all comes down to economics. to the honor of true labor. to looking out for the little guy. and making it easy for that so-called little guy to feel like a contributing, respected, equal member of her community. we believe the leaders of one side have mastered the language of the little guy, but lack the little guy's heart. that leaves an opening for the other side to fill. we'll see if they do. but, for now, we digress.