middle brow | citizen how \ 28 jul 17 /


we saw dunkirk in 70mm at the music box theatre last weekend. we don't like to review movies unless we've seen them more than once. but obviously it checks a whole bunch of *good* boxes. being beautifully shot not the least among them.

instead, briefly about beaches: virtually, if not actually, everywhere that water transitions to land, you find sand. and while there've been many land invasions over the course of human history, invasions by sea are inevitably quite common.

see: the greeks invaded the other greeks. the brits invaded the states. the states stormed normandy, as they say. but only after the germans took dunkirk. the states invaded vietnam. the states invaded grenada. and cuba. and wait! the other states, too! and let's not pretend the polynesians are perfectly peaceful people.

that is, war is pretty sandy. and likely quite beautiful. but imagine if you were a warrior in such a sea-placed war. and after your war ended, your family wanted to spend a weekend at the beach. next time you're crushing a copacetic on the beach, think about fighting a war with sand in your shoes.